Cockpit Voice, Video, Flight Data and Satcom System Recorder

The NORTH Flight Data Systems product line is a comprehensive flight monitoring and recording system that provides voice, video, GPS, and detailed analog, digital and ARINC aircraft system information. The system is comprised of either the OuterLink® Voice and Video Recorder (O.V.V.R.) or CV²R voice, video and GPS recorder, and the Multi Function Data Acquisition Unit (MFDAU) with the Quick Access Recorder (QAR). The system may be installed as a stand-alone system or interfaced with other Satcom systems. More info.

The O.V.V.R. is latest NORTH FDS Control head that combines the OuterLink*reg; Voice Panel (OVP) voice messaging system with a continuous 8-hour recording loop of one video and six audio input sources. O.V.V.R.: Request more information.

The CV²R is latest NORTH FDS Control head that provides a continuous 12+hour recording loop of one video and six audio input sources. The system has provisions to accept GPS data stream. Audio, video, and GPS playback software is included. CV2R: Request more information.

Quick Access Recorder (QAR)Quick Access Recorder (QAR)
The QAR is a remotely mountable FTP recording device that contains 2ea High Performance 16 GB SD cards. One SD card records audio, video and GPS data. The second SD card records all aircraft performance and redundant GPS data. QAR: Request more information.

Multi Function Data Acquisition Unit (MFDAU)Multi Function Data Acquisition Unit (MFDAU)
The MFDAU is a self contained unit that uses internal gyros and accelerometers to track three dimensional movement G forces and external systems data. The internal magnetometer and pitot static sensors provide accurate heading, speed and altitude information. MFDAU: Request more information.

Cockpit CameraCockpit Camera
The High Resolution FD600CAM-2 color camera has been certified for use with the FDS. The camera has a standard CCD lens thread for use with any CCD lens. Cockpit Camera: Request more information.

Area MicrophoneArea Microphone
Customers may elect to add the NORTH FDS in-line area microphone. The small and lightweight mic has been DO-160 tested and can feed one of the 6 available channels within the audio recorder. Area Microphone: Request more information.

Safety Matrix And Reporting Threshold (SMART)Safety Matrix And Reporting Threshold (SMART)
NORTH FDS has developed a software application that enables the customers to establish operational thresholds that define an important event. The SMART application runs on the O.V.V.R. platform and constantly monitors all data being recorded and can transmit a detailed exceedance report over any Satcom link. SMART: Request more information.

Playback SoftwarePlayback Software
Each O.V.V.R/CV²R comes with a comprehensive suite of software to playback the recorded data. The 6 audio channels are individually selectable for playback with the video/GPS data. Playback Software: Request more information.

NORTH Flight Data Systems LLC has developed software specifically designed to assist customers with easy to use Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) programs. The North Flight Analysis Safety Trends And Reporting System (FASTARS) provides a full software suite. The Suite includes each STC’d aircraft configuration, full graphing and tabular data display. A Event Module allows customers to build a custom set of operational events to evaluate fleet performance. Events are further broken down into each phase of flight, from liftoff through cruise down through approach and landing. The FASTARS Animation module will be available 1 Qtr 2015. The North data stream can easily be interfaced into third party FOQA programs such as Flightscape or Sagem.